Lessons for the 2020 Season

(Currenly on hold due to the COVID-19 restrictions)

Come and Try Cross Country Skiing this Season

Come and Try XC Lessons are held at the Perisher XC Centre in July. This event is run jointly by NSW & ACT Snowsports and Perisher X-Country.

The Come and Try lessons are open to everyone who is new to Cross Country Skiing!  Cost per person is $xx for the day.

The day (4 July) involves a two hour lesson from 9.00am to 11.00am by professional ski instructors, a BBQ lunch and tour of the trails in the afternoon.  Please arrive by 8.30am to be graded into groups.

The day (11 July) involves a two hour lesson from 1.30pm to 3.30pm by professional ski instructors.  Please arrive by 1.00pm to be graded into groups.

Participants will need to bring their own cross country equipment.  Equipment can be hired from Wilderness Sports (Jindabyne & Perisher) or Rhythm Sports (Cooma).

Hiring Equipment

You will need to bring your own cross country equipment. Skate or classic skis are ideal to hire for the groomed trails at Perisher.

Equipment can be hired from Wilderness Sports (Jindabyne & Perisher) or Rhythm Sports (Cooma).

Please allow plenty of time to collect your gear and if possible, hire them beforehand either online or by calling.

Skate or Classic Skiing – What’s the difference?

When you are looking at hiring equipment, you will notice that you can choose between skate and classic skis to hire. The come and try day caters for both styles, so it is up to you what you choose to hire.

Cross country skiing involves two different styles. In Classic style the skis stay parallel most of the time and a grip section on the bottom of the skis stops them from gliding backwards. Skating uses slightly shorter skis designed only for gliding and features a distinctive V shape similar to in-line skating or ice skating.

Sign up for some lessons!

Cross country skiing lessons are offered by a number of businesses in the Snowy Mountains. Most lessons are held in Perisher.

K7 Adventures (Thredbo and Perisher) – 0421 862 354

Wilderness Sports (Jindabyne) – (02) 6456 2966

Wilderness Sports (Perisher) – (02) 6457 5966

More information is on the Perisher X-Country website.

Join a tour!

Go to our tours page for information on how to join a tour. You’ll quickly improve with the help of experienced members from the club.

Ski De Femme 2020 – 12 July meet at 8.30am at the Perisher XC Centre

Fitness, fun and Female is the order of the day on Sunday 8 July for the annual SnowSports ACT “Ski de Femme” held at the Perisher Cross Country Centre.  Girls and women of all ages and abilities are tutored by a variety of expert coaches in both the skating and classical disciplines.  The day is not confined to beginners, and instructors will be able to take intermediate and advance classes in Classic or Skate.

A scrumptious morning tea and a BBQ lunch is included in the $35 registration fee. Please arrive at the Nordic Shelter by 8.30am.

Should we say something about smiles and laughs?  The chatter at previous morning tea and lunches were about progress that they had made in the lessons and new friendships that were formed.  Many of the newcomers said, “I’ll come and do this again and do more cross country skiing”.

Participants will need to bring their own cross country equipment. Equipment can be hired from Wilderness Sports (Jindabyne & Perisher) or Rhythm Sports (Cooma).

Registrations are online and will also be available on the day from 8.30am.

For any enquiries about the Ski de Femme day, contact:

Map to Perisher Nordic Trails

The Perisher Trails are across the road from the main Perisher Centre and Car Park. This link provides directions and a map to help you find the trails: http://www.k7adventures.com/ACCESS%20TO%20PERISHER%20NORDIC%20SHELTER.pdf.

Kosciusko National Park Entry Fee

You will need to pay a park entry free. For up to date information on fees go to: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/visit-a-park/parks/Kosciuszko-National-Park/Visitor-Info#Fees-and-passes

Transport & Parking

  • Car pooling:  CCCSC coordinates transport but cannot guarantee a lift on every occasion. You can post a message on the Club’s Google Groups site to car pool. The link to the CCCSC Google Group is:https://groups.google.com/group/cccsc?hl=en. A contribution to costs will be required.
  • Buses are an option: Murrays – www.murrays.com.au/ or Transborder – www.transborder.com.au/.
  • Parking is free inside Kosciusko National Park.