Touring Destinations – Munyang


Guthega Power Station (Munyang) is located just off the road between Island Bend and Guthega Village, just before the bitumen turns to gravel. There is a small carpark close to the Power Station, and from here a road and some aqueduct trails head Northwards up the Whites River Valley towards the Jagungal Wilderness.

Horse Camp Hut

Horse Camp Hut is the closest hut to reach, located about 4.5km from the carpark. From the Power Station walk or ski up the road which zig-zags its way up the hill, gaining about 300m in altitude along the way. After passing the large pipeline and climbing through some forest, the road drops down to a creek crossing. About 1km north of here is a sign and fire trail leading to the hut about 500m further west.

Horse Camp Hut is located in a small clearing surrounded by snowgums, a short distance from the western aqueduct track and below the slopes of the Rolling Grounds. The hut was built by the Snowy Mountains Authority in the 1950’s as a surveyors hut. The hut makes an ideal place to camp and is a good base for exploring the Rolling Grounds and surrounding area. The hut was completely rebuilt in 2016.

Disappointment Spur

The easiest way to reach the higher areas from Guthega Power Station was to follow the eastern aqueduct track which climbs gradually along the slopes of Disappointment Spur past Disappointment Spur Hut before reaching the Schlink Pass road just below Whites River Hut. However the bridge over the Munyang River was destroyed by floods a few years ago and hasn’t been replaced, so this route is currently closed.


Schlink Pass / Schlink Hut

The first part of this route is the same as for Horse Camp Hut, but beyond the turnoff the road continues up the centre of the valley. After descending to the Munyang River the road climbs continuously for a few kilometres past the Whites River Hut turnoff then up to Schlink Pass. Another 2km beyond the pass is Schlink Hut, a large Snowy Mountain Authority hut built in 1961 below the slopes of Mt Gungarten. This is a long day trip (22km return).

Schlink Hut provides a great base to explore the surrounding area on longer overnight trips. From the hut one can climb east up the slopes towards Gungarten Pass and either head east to Tin Hut or north along the open slopes of the Kerries towards Mawsons Hut and beyond. Or head north from Schlink Hut to Valentines Hut.

Rolling Grounds

The Rolling Grounds can be reached from the western aqueduct track behind Horse Camp Hut or from the slopes behind Whites River Hut. There is some steep climbing to reach the tops but once negotiated there is an extensive area to explore, with views south into Victoria or north to Jagungal. Dicky Cooper Bogong is a good destination to reach, located at the far northern end of the Rolling Grounds.