Touring Destinations – Thredbo


Trips from Thredbo usually involve catching the chairlift to the top of Crackenback then heading out into the open terrain of the Main Range towards the highest peaks in the country.  There is a mixture of easy skiing on gentle terrain and more demanding skiing on large slopes, and the views on a sunny day are fantastic. Skiing here is probably best in spring when the snow is less icy and the weather is better.

Mt Kosciuszko

From the top of the Crackenback chairlift ski for approx 6km across rolling terrain following the route of the metal walkway from Thredbo to Rawsons Pass. Along the way there are good views down the Cootapatamba Valley into Victoria, and of the large cornice on the south ridge of Mt Kosciuszko. From Rawsons Pass there is a steep but short climb up to the cairn on the Kosciuszko summit, the highest point in Australia. From the summit descend to Rawsons Pass and return to Thredbo the same way.

The ski along the south ridge of Kosciuszko above the cornice and Lake Cootapatamba is quite spectacular. From the southern end of the ridge there is a fantastic slope heading down into the Cootapatamba Valley towards Cootapatamba Hut.

Ramshead Plateau

This is an interesting area to ski to close to the top of Thredbo. From the northern end of the plateau one can visit North Ramshead Peak, then continue south to Ramshead Peak, then to South Ramshead Peak at the end of the Main Range. The plateau contains a mixture of flat open plains, large hills and slopes, and many interesting rock formations, plus views of Mt Kosciuszko and into Leatherbarrel Creek. A good destination for an easy ski with great slopes and views.


Leatherbarrel Creek

From Thredbo ski to Etheridge Gap then turn left and ski south of Mt Kosciuszko along the Swampy Plain River past Cootapatamba Hut to Leatherbarrel Creek, a deep valley with steep slopes at the southern end of the Main Range. One can return to Thredbo the same way, or over the Ramshead plateau.

Mt Townsend

Mt Townsend is the second highest peak in Australia situated on the western side of the Main Range. From Thredbo head to Rawsons Pass then ski across the northern slopes of Mt Kosciuszko to Muellers Pass, then around the southern slopes of Muellers Peak into the head of Wilkinsons Valley. From here there is a big climb up towards Mt Townsend and Alice Rawson Peak. From the summit of Mt Townsend there are views into the Geehi Valley below, south into Victoria, and north along the Main Range. The views from Alice Rawson Peak are some of the most spectacular in the mountains. A long day trip but worth the effort.

Twin Valleys

Twin Valleys is located on the eastern escarpment of the Ramshead Range about 4km north of Thredbo and can be reached by skiing north from the top of the Crackenback chairlift past the top of the downhill lifts. The Twin Valleys have great slopes for those who prefer steeper skiing.

Thredbo to Charlotte Pass, and Perisher

A great day trip is to follow the pole line from the top of Thredbo to Charlotte Pass then on to Perisher, a distance of 18km. The route goes along the upper reaches of the Snowy River and along the Summit Road to Charlotte Pass. Alternatively one can ski along the top of Kangaroo Ridge and Mt Stilwell to reach Charlotte Pass. From here ski down the Kosciuszko Road or follow the pole lines along the valley to reach Spencers Creek then continue along the road over Perisher Gap and down into Perisher.

This trip requires the use of the Crackenback Chairlift and Skitube, and a car shuffle. This is also the original route of the Kosciuszko Tour ski race which went from Thredbo to Perisher.