2021 Rules to Access Kosciuszko National Park

COVID-19 Impacts on Skiing in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions that were in place for 2020 have mostly been removed for the 2021 season.

Trip Intention Forms are still required for any skiing away from the resorts.

Cross-Country Skiing

There should be no limits on the number of cross-country skiers, however anyone doing on-snow sporting activities that occurs outside of the resort slopes, such as cross country skiing, snow shoeing and snowboarding in the backcountry, will be required to complete a Trip Intention Form, available on the NPWS website at the following link: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/trip-intention-form  

The central purpose of asking for trip intention forms is to monitor the number of visitors in a given location and track who was with whom in the case of a Covid-19 occurrence. The Trip Intention Form requires the following information:

  • Name, email address and phone number of your emergency contact.
  • Details of all members in your group, including any known medical conditions.
  • Start and finish times, dates and locations.
  • Details of vehicles at your start and finish points, including registration numbers.
  • Trip location, intended route/s, camping spots, key features or deviations from standard routes.
  • The hex or UIN number of your Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). (if applicable)
  • Details of the equipment you’ll be carrying.

Trip Intention Forms can be submitted online on the National Parks website and should be lodged prior to the visit or heading off on the trip.

After submitting the form online, you will receive an email with your trip intention form number and a summary of your trip details. The summary of your trip details will be emailed to:

  • You or the person in your group who completed the trip intention form.
  • Your emergency contact/s.

For Club ski tours, it is expected the Tour Leader will complete a Trip Intention Form for the group and provide the details to any other participants and drivers heading up for the tour.

Completed Trip Intention Forms are not a condition of entry into Kosciuszko National Park and will not be checked at the Park entry stations, however NPWS personnel or the police may ask visitors in backcountry areas or track-head locations to show evidence that they have completed a Trip Intention Form.


There will be no restrictions on backcountry camping, however a Trip Intention Form still needs to be completed.

For car camping, such as at Island Bend, Thredbo Diggings or Ngarigo, the number of sites available has been reduced for this season. To camp at these campgrounds now requires completing an online booking form on the NPWS website at:

Island Bend Campground: https://nsw.rezexpert.com/book?business_code=500649&type_id=3805
Ngarigo Campground: https://nsw.rezexpert.com/book?business_code=500649&type_id=3814
Thredbo Diggings Campground: https://nsw.rezexpert.com/book?business_code=500649&type_id=3826

You are allowed to book up to 2 campsites, for up to 7 days, and up to 90 days in advance.  A maximum of 6 guests per booking. The sites are not allocated. The campsites are still free but there is a $6 booking fee per site.

  • Only the people booked can stay. Additional people will not be allowed on arrival.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the contact details of your guests.

Nordic Shelter & Perisher Trails

Grooming on the Perisher trails for 2021 has already commenced.

The Perisher Nordic shelter will be open this season but with limits on the number of people in each part of the building. If you are availing yourself of the Nordic Shelter kitchen facilities, don’t forget to bring your own cutlery and crockery.  You won’t be able to enjoy a cuppa without bringing your own cup/mug/drinking vessel of some description.

Please continue to scan the Service NSW QR code at the front door and wear a face mask in the Nordic Shelter. The latest guidelines for accessing the Nordic Shelter are contained here.

Further details about the Perisher Nordic Shelter are provided by Perisher X-Country here.

Races and other events will be held on the Perisher trails this season.

Access & Restricted Areas

The only requirement to enter Kosciuszko National Park is a valid NSW Parks Pass displayed on the vehicle if you are visiting a location where park use fees apply. Trip Intention Forms or a resort lift pass are required if you are planning on-snow sporting activities but are not a condition of entry to Kosciuszko National Park.

Mt Selwyn and the Cabramurra trails are still closed this season due to bushfire damage. The rebuild of Mt Selwyn Resort is in progress, with the resort due to open in June 2022.