Touring Destinations – Dead Horse Gap


Dead Horse Gap is on the Alpine Way a few kilometres beyond Thredbo Village, and from here trips can be done onto the Ramshead Range or in the gentler terrain South of the Alpine Way.


Teddys Hut

Teddys Hut is an old cattleman’s hut situated below Mt Leo at the far end of the Thredbo River valley. The hut used to be a standing ruin but was restored in 2007. Starting at the Cascade Fire Trail carpark  the main route to the hut follows the Thredbo River for about 9km in a southerly then easterly direction, with a climb up to the hut.

An alternative route to the hut is over the Brindle Bull Ridge and along the plateau past Mt Leo before descending to the hut. There are good views of the Ramshead Range along this route, and brumbies are often seen in this area. About 18km return.

Brindle Bull

The Brindle Bull is the ridge to the left when skiing along the valley towards Teddys Hut. From the Alpine Way ski along the Cascade fire trail for approx two kilometres, and just before the bridge is reached head left and climb up the forested slopes onto the Brindle Bull ridge, or explore the many small open valleys on the southern slopes of the ridge. There is a nice traverse through the trees along the top of the ridge, and good views back to the Ramshead Range and the top of Crackenback. There are some good slopes to practice on on the descent back to the cars.  About 10km return.

Paddy Rushes Bogong

This peak is located on the southern side of the Alpine Way directly behind Thredbo Village. It can be reached by skiing over the Brindle Bull Ridge, descending to Friday Flat Creek, then continuing in a northerly direction along an open valley before climbing up to the summit. From the top there is a great 360 degree view which includes the Ramshead Range, Mt Kosciuszko, Thredbo village and south towards Victoria. Adams Peak is an alternative destination nearby. Return to the carpark along the same route via the Brindle Bull. About 16km return.

Cascade Hut

From the Cascade Fire Trail carpark on the Alpine Way ski along the fire trail for approx two kilometres, cross the bridge over the Thredbo River, and follow the fire trail to the top of Bobs Ridge from where there are good views into Victoria. From Bobs Ridge the trail descends through tall forest and eventually comes out into an open valley. The hut is located just within the treeline a kilometre further on.

Cascade Hut is a picturesque stockmans hut built of wooden slabs. The hut is located in a marginal snow area, but when the snow is good this is a great trip to do. About 18km return, with some big climbs and descents along the way.

South Ramshead

This peak at the far southern end of the Ramshead Range can be reached from the Alpine Way at Dead Horse Gap by climbing up the steep slope through snowgums to a small plateau, then heading south for about two kilometres until the trig point is reached. From here there are views of the Victorian Alps, Leatherbarrel Creek and Mt Kosciuszko. This peak can also be reached by skiing southwest along the Ramshead range from the top of Thredbo.

It is also possible to do follow the pole route from the top of the Ramshead Range along the ridge above Bogong Creek back to the Dead Horse Gap carpark.