Poo Tubes

Poo Tubes are one of the ways of carrying solid human waste out of national parks. This page shows how to make and use poo tubes.


  • 45-50 cm length of 100 mm or 90*1 mm diameter PVC / sewer / stormwater pipe
  • sealed stopper for base
  • wide mouth screw lid with O-ring seal for the top
  • Priming fluid for pipe and fittings
  • Pipe glue (PVC solvent cement)

Note 1: 90mm fittings are cheaper and lighter than 100mm fittings


  • Use a hacksaw to cut the pipe to the required length.
  • Prime the outside of one end of the pipe and the inside of the sealed stopper fitting. Allow both to dry. Use pipe glue to connect the sealed stopper to the primed pipe.
  • Prime the outside of the other end of the pipe and inside of the screw lid fitting. Allow both to dry. Use pipe glue to connect the screw lid to the primed pipe.
Gloved hand brushing glue primer onto a PVC pipe-cap

Estimated capacity for 90mm version:

  • 2 people on a 3 day trip
  • 4 people on a weekend/overnight trip


  • Line the tube with double or single plastic bags (e.g. bin liners)
  • Deposit waste on 2-3 layers of greaseproof paper*2
  • Roll up (fish & chips style) and place in tube
  • Leave tube in shady place when in use (minimise gas build up)
  • Beware of gas build up when opening

Note 2: Greaseproof is superior to newspaper because it is:

  • compact;
  • flexible;
  • less easily ripped;
  • acceptable in septic & sewerage treatment systems.

Disposal (check local requirements):

  • Deposit at a municipal or resort sewerage treatment works (with prior arrangement)
  • Tip into septic tank
  • Flush down domestic toilet (in small quantities)
  • Use protective clothing: gloves, goggles, face mask
  • Beware of splash back