Canberra Cross Country Ski Club

All members and non-members taking part in Canberra Cross Country Ski Club activities are expected to:

  • publicly and privately support the Club and each other, acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of others, and act with courtesy and respect in club meetings and other events;
  • act honestly and in good faith at all times in the interests of the Club and its members;
  • carry out their Club duties and activities in a lawful manner, and ensure the Club carries out its business in accordance with the law;
  • use the Club’s communication resources in appropriate ways that beneficially promotes the Club and its activities;
  • act in a safe and responsible manner in Club activities;
  • maintain confidentiality regarding any information gained through Club activities and not divulge personal information or addresses or phone numbers without the permission of the relevant Club member;
  • respect and safeguard the property of the Club, its members and the public; and ensure that personal and financial interests do not conflict with their duties to the Club.

Canberra Cross Country Ski Club does not tolerate inappropriate or unlawful behaviour, including harassment or discrimination, by members or non-members taking part in Club activities. Because cross country skiing is an inherently risky activity, leaders of Club activities have the right to exclude members and non-members from participation where they are concerned about the person’s capacity to complete the activity safely and harmoniously.

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